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Friday, April 07, 2006

The very long awaited part 1!

I've just found time to do this, so you may have to excuse a few lapses in my memory of my summer holidays!

DAY 1 - Tuesday 16th August 2005.

Drove 200 miles (give or take a few) from Nottingham to my mum's house near Lampeter in West Wales. This would have been perfectly fine, but we took my 2CV for my brother to fix, so the journey was slow, and kinda bouncy. We had hoped to look at Raglan Castle on the way, but missed the last entry. I was really quite tired by the time we got there, as this was the furthest I had ever driven in one go, and I'd got quite fed up of Adam removing my gearnob and indicator switch, and generally getting his head in the way of my mirrors.

DAY 2 - Wednesday 17th August 2005.
Mum and Dad gave us a lift to the start at St Dogmael's, where we wandered around the abbey and had lunch at a fantastic pub overlooking fishermen on the river Teifi (incidentally, the same river that flows through Lampeter, but an awful lot bigger here!). Photos were duly taken at the start, and goodbyes said. Little did my parents know that at the time I was trying not to die under the weight of my rucksack! I tried to hold off the sweating and panting and complaining till my parents were out of sight around the first corner. I very soon decided that this was going to be a lot harder work than I'd thought it would be!
This is us at the start point, taking a break after having lugged our packs all the way from the car. The first mile and a half follows the road (as seen in the picture) to Poppit Sands, where we spent quite a long time sitting on the sand dunes eating ice creams.

This is Poppit Sands, from here there were fantastic views across the estuary as the road (gradually diminishing into a gravel track) climbed to over 130 metres. It was a very hot day, and wonderfully clear. We reached our destination, Allt-y-coed campsite in good time to put up our tent in full daylight (one of the only days this happened, as it turned out!).

From my diary: Walked 3 miles from St Dogmael's to Allt-y-coed campsite. Am totally exhausted! Had a lovely lunch with mum and dad at the Ferry Inn in St Dogmael's. Adam twatted himself on a low doorframe at Poppit Sands, where we had an icecream. Just about made it to the campsite without boiling to death. Tried dehydrated food. Think Adam may have mixed the food up with his athlete's foot lotion. Campsite is ok, but on a bit of a slope - the gas stove fell over. Interested to see if I live through tomorrow.

Miles today: 3
Total mileage: 3!